About Our Fire Department

The Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department provides emergency service to the community of Blue Ridge, Virginia and to the surrounding areas of Botetourt County, Bedford County and Roanoke County. We are an all volunteer fire department with about 20 to 25 dedicated members providing 24/7 emergency coverage. We run approximately 175 to 200 emergency calls per year and are supported by community donations, fundraisers and some county funds.

Blue Ridge, Virginia is located in the southeastern corner of Botetourt County and is a community of about 6,000 residents. Blue Ridge could be described as a “bedroom community” for the Roanoke Valley since most residents work in the Roanoke/Salem metropolitan area. There are many housing developments in our community with some of the first built in the early 1970’s and newer ones being built all the time as our community continues to grow and draw new residents everyday.