Membership Application

The Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank you for expressing your interest to serve our great community and organization. Volunteer firefighters are in high demand not only in Blue Ridge, but around the United States, as call volume continues to increase and difficult economic conditions lead to decreased funding and support. Today, our department needs you more than ever.

We are seeking applicants age 16 or older, who have a strong desire to serve the community and/or to become a volunteer firefighter.  There are multiple designations of operational membership within the department, including Active (certified firefighter, age 18 or above , residing within the Blue Ridge area), Associate (certified firefighter, age 18 or above , residing outside the Blue Ridge area), and Junior (age 16-17, satisfactory GPA and parent approval).  Additionally, persons not interested in actual firefigthing can participate in administrative or specialty services in many areas.  All new members will be placed on Probationary membership, typically for 6 months and then voted to active status if requirements are met. Those interested in firefighting will be asked obtain initial firefighter certification within 12 months.  Training is supplied by the Botetourt County Fire and EMS Department.

Pleaes click on the Application button above to go to the Botetourt County Fire and EMS application and complete the application.  The county department will provide instructions on the review and intake process that includes a background check and a drug test.

If you would just like to visit our station to gauge your interest we are located at:
1354 Blue Ridge Springs Rd.
Blue Ridge, VA 24064
Or you can contact us at with any questions you may have.
The department has regularly scheduled business meetings on the fourth Thursday of each month beginning at 7:00 PM and training on all other Thursdays beginning at 7:00 PM.