In Memorium

Firefighting is one of the most dangerous professions there is and over the years many career and volunteer firefighters have lost their lives in the protection of others.  The members of the Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department solemnly offer prayer and condolences to all those firefighters who have made the supreme sacrifice while performing the duties placed before them.

The Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department has lost one of its own in the line of duty and we offer the following memorial:

In Memory of

Michael Patrick Collins

Born October 8, 1943

Laid down his life for the protection of others on

May 16, 1980

Michael was a dedicated volunteer firefighter who served the Blue Ridge community faithfully.  He lost his life in a terrible accident while fighting fire.




30 Years Later

The Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department is pleased to announce that Michael Patrick Collins will be forever remembered at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Maryland. The memorial was founded in 1981, a year after Michael passed away. The department dedicated a plaque in his memory at the front of our new addition of our facility in 1997, and almost 30 years to the day later purchased two bricks at the memorial, one for Michael and one department brick which will be placed next to his at the memorial.